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Logos Guide Studio

Logos Guide is a creative studio founded by designer Otba Mushaweh in 2006. It is provide design and consulting services about Logo Design, Branding, Visual Identities, Slogan and Typefaces. Logos Guide serves clientele locally, nationally and internationally.

 “Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations.” – Paul Rand.

Otba Mushaweh is freelancer and business owner who works in graphic, website, and brand identity design in addition to blogging on different sites. I have established Logo Talks with the intent of providing a great community and platform for designers, students, and anybody else interested in logos, brands, typefaces, and typography. In 2006 I won third place in a contest calling for the best idea in Dubai City. Afterward, I settled a studio in which to work as a freelance logo and brand designer, and I have done so to the present day. My aim is to provide high quality designs and unique concepts with special visions reflecting my experience in logo design and branding strategy. You can follow me on both Twitter and LinkedIn.

What Logo Talks is? Logo Talks is an online magazine for students and professional designers interested in expanding their knowledge about logo design, brand development, typeface creation, and typography techniques. At Logo Talks, you will find a plethora of quality articles on logos and typeface, as well as updated news briefs concerning global branding. Also included on Logo Talks are book reviews, case-studies, and showcases for the best logos. http://logotalks.com